Our Camp


Bringing Inner City youth to Nature is very therapeutic for the child and from experience we know that Nature helps alleviate all of the negative, stressful factors kids experience in Chicago.  It is also very evident that their “Guard” comes down when they step foot on our property and it is just simply amazing to see.  We know that by taking them away from all of those negative forces it is easier for them to calm down and relax.  The child’s transformation is immediate and this is a great opportunity for us to provide the new, positive experiences the child needs.  

We provide them with role models that demonstrate that the path to success is not a straight line and that people can make many mistakes in their life.  But what we show them is that if they want to change, THEY CAN.  Last year, we brought a Retired Policeman to discuss the delicate relationship between Police and Minorities, we brought in an ex-gang member who turned his life around, after being shot, locked-up in prison and is now a successful businessman, we brought in a Commodity Trader to discuss financial literacy and investing.   In addition, we brought in farm animals and many of the children had never touched an animal in their life before.  To see the kids hold and caress the animals with so much tenderness was impressionable for all to see. 

Bringing these types of experiences to these kids is what will ultimately change and inspire them.  With your support we can make this happen for many more children.