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We know that education is the key to success and we feel that all children should learn financial literacy at an early age.  Everyone should do two things to become financial secure and that is to SAVE and to INVEST.  We have donated 3,000 books to many schools and organizations.  We will continue to provide important financial literacy material to help the next generation.  

When you buy or donate,ā€¯COMMODITIES:Why are commodities so important to me and the world? Intro to Commodities and Investmentsā€¯we receive funds to support our camp and educational mission.  

This book introduces anyone to the world of commodities and gives steps to learn and trade the commodities markets.  There are thousands of investment books but none as unique as this one.  This book keeps our students interested in commodities and it is filled with historical information and pictorial displays of each “by product” that each commodity produces.

Commodities Book Back Cover
Commodities Book Back Cover

This book is appropriate for a fifth grader student and also appropriate for college student or an adult wanting to learn about commodities. This book will introduce anyone to the beauty of all commodities.