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Educate-Trade-Create, is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation established in 2013 in the State of Illinois.  As Commodity Traders, we understand the importance of education and we initially started our nonprofit program, by providing our educational initiative to many Chicago organizations, i.e., The Chicago Public Schools, Rainbow Push Coalition, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, and many Latino organizations.  We donated 3,000 books introducing financial literacy and created awareness for students about the endless possibilities in the capital markets.  But, as we talked to many teachers, we were informed about the social problems these inner city kids lived through, on a daily basis.  Problems that most of us have never have been exposed to. The realities of poor, violent neighborhoods, the constant noise and other negative influences are at times overpowering on the lives of our kids.  Teachers also, informed us that technology has gotten out of control and since we are parents with our own kids,  we know that our own kids are addicted to their tablets, phones and computers.  So our solution is to bring kids back to nature.  That is it.  We will provide a refuge so that kids can learn and see things they do not see in the big City.

We decided to open our home in Dixon, Illinois. Why? Because, these kids need a break.  We feel that bringing kids from disadvantaged neighborhoods will provide many benefits to them and to society.  We will continue to take as many kids (At-Risk, Disabled and Disadvantaged) as possible and we will show them something beautiful and tranquil: Nature.  We will always try to send a positive message to Respect themselves, Respect Others and to Respect Nature.  With all the outdoor activities these kids will leave with lasting positive memories. We have to show these kids something different then the struggling neighborhoods they live in.  We have taken many students to our camp and according to the American Campers Association, below are the benefits parents reported after their child experienced camp:

· gained more self-confidence, self- esteem and felt positive about themselves
· saw an increase in independence and leadership skills
· increased their friendship skills and became more socially comfortable
· gained in their adventurousness and willingness to try new things
· got their exercise


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